Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bauer Again....

Well.. it's 10:33pm and Nino and I just got back from the vet. Yes... a Bauer issue.

Early this morning, I was with Bauer's and his usual play mates Daisy & Platon along with my dog walking friends- Valentina & Bridget (owners of the pups)- Bauer played and ran non stop which is his typical way & self! All of a sudden, Bauer yelped and would not place his right back leg down- he was in pain. I imagined he pulled a muscle and thought it would pass. All day Bauer was clearly in pain and hopping around like a Kangaroo type hop but on three legs.

So, tonight when Nino got home we went to the vet. As soon as the vet examined his leg & knee area he knew exactly what he had and in fact I too could alos see it. Unfortunately, Bauer was diagnosed with a Luxating Patellas which basically & literally are slipping kneecaps. The kneecap is situated inside a groove in the femur, and held in place by ligaments. If the groove is shallow, the kneecap will slip to either the inside or the outside of the leg. Slipping to the inside is called medial luxation; slipping to the outside of the leg is called lateral luxation- which is what Bauer has. Luxating patellas are almost always inheritted, although a birth defect of inward turning legs will also cause lateral luxation, and trauma of the legs can also be a factor. A dog with a luxated patella will walk with a stiff gait, almost as though the leg can not be bent. The leg may be turned inwards, and a lump is easily obvious by feel along the inner or outer leg.

So.... this means that Bauer needs surgery asap and we scheduled this for 11/6! The surgery takes less than an hour and he will be able to walk the following day after his operation. It will take 6-8 weeks after surgery for Bauer to fully be back to his normal self when he will be able to run, hop, skip and jump like he loves to do but until then his walks are limited to 15-20 minute walks and on a leash! This sucks bc Bauer loves to run and play but surgery is the best and really only option to fix this problem!

The vet said that he sees this every day in dogs and does about two surgeries a week for this so I guess it's quite common. The vet also said that being only 1.8 months he will recuperate just fine and soon enough will play like himself again!

As for me...this saddens me quite a bit but I feel good knowing that the final outcome is good! However- I will miss my long walks with Valentina and Bridget which I do each morning. We usually meet at 8:15 and I usually get back home by 10am. Mind you that 85% of this walk is in French (bridget is French and speaks little english) so this has also been my French lesson hour.

Anyway, I will update you soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Prague - as a tourist

My mom flew into Prague this weekend. It was the first time she has been in Europe in over 30 years and her first time ever in Prague. So, after she took a quick nap and adjusted to the time difference, I took her out to see all of the tourist attractions.

My conclusion: the biggest tourist attraction that Prague has going for it is the general beauty of the city itself. With the exception of the Charles Bridge, all of the other tourist attractions aren't that great.

For instance, take the Prague Castle. The castle is an absolutely amazing sight to view from a distance. I get a great view of it every time I walk over the bridge in front of my house and I never get tired of it. The view at night with the up-lightning is truly spectacular.

Although I mostly see the Prague Castle from the distance, I have been to the grounds a few time to stroll around. This past Sunday, however, was the first time I ever paid money to see the insides of the castle. I wasn't too impressed. I'm not saying that the castle wasn't impressive, but their wasn't much to see in the displays. I don't feel like I'm any smarter or better off for having visited the exhibits.

The museums in Prague aren't much better. The National Museum sits right next to my office (at the top of Wenceslas Square) and is quite beautiful to look at from the outside. But, I've heard time and time again that the best thing about the museum is the building itself. The exhibitions inside our pretty much worthless. My friend Brian went and said it was probably the worst museum he has ever been too.

Finally, there is the astronomical clock. This may in fact be the worst "tourist attraction" in all of Europe. It's certainly a nice clock and there is nothing wrong with it, I just wouldn't fly all of the way from America to see it.

All-in-all, Prague is an absolutely beautiful city and I highly recommend that you visit here. But, while you are here, spend more time walking around the city and enjoying the sites rather than going to the tourist attractions.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Growing my hair out

I haven't had much to write about in awhile, so why not talk about my hair.

After 18+ months of shaving my head, I've decided to grow my hair out again. I have no real reason to do this other than I'm bored with the old look.

As anyone who has ever shaved their head knows, growing your hair out is not fun. I'll spend the next 6-8 weeks looking like a chia pet. Good times.

As far as my next hair style, I have yet to decide an anything, Feel free to send me suggestions. I'm thinking a Steven Seagal ponytail might be nice.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Oktoberfest 2007 - Munich Germany

R and I just got back from Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. We were joined by R's former co-workers (and loyal blog readers) Darragh and Gregg - along with their friends Seth and James.

Rarely do big events like Oktoberfest live up to the hype - but we were both awe-struck by the festival. Walking into a beer tent for the first time can't be described. They are HUMONGOUS!!! Literally over 8000 people lined in tables as far as the eye can see - all drinking liters and liters of beer while standing on the tables signing. Truly unbelievable.

The food was amazing as well. Of course, anything sausage based is going to taste great when you've just consumed over five liters of German beer. I estimate that I ate 6 feet of wieners in the in the course of 72 hours! That's a conservative estimate because 2 of the sausages were 18 inches each. It may sound disgusting and sexually perverse - but it is disgusting and sexually perverse in a delicious sort of way.

Rather than go on and on, I think Oktoberfest is best described in pictures. Enjoy!

View Slideshow!

If you have not guessed by now, I highly recommend Oktoberfest and think it is a must for everyone at least once in your life. One word of advice if you do go - go during the weekdays. The place had 10 times as many people on Saturday as it did on Thursday and Friday.

Special thanks to Darragh and Greg for letting us hang out at their table.