Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bauer Medical Update...

I know, I know, I know... some of you are probably saying... another Bauer blog.

Well, yes... Bauer has many loyal fans out there such as Shelli, Arline, Debbie, Biagio, Tina, Heather, Craig, Casey, Valentina, and Daisy just to name a few and so an update has been requested.

So, this past Friday Bauer got his stitches out. I was dreading this moment thinking that Bauer would be yelping as each stitch was removed... but luckily the vet assistant just fed him one dog treat after another until the vet had removed them all. No Yelps, nada, wonderful! Gotta love the power of dog treats! :)

Anyway... so besides the Frankenstein looking scar on Bauer's leg he seems ok. He's still hopping around yet he's starting to slowly use the "bad" leg on occasion. I personally think he's a tad depressed because we haven't had any of our long typical walks and because he is not allowed to play with other pups so that really leaves him snuggling and eating- which lord knows he loves doing but playing and long walks are his real passion!

Okie Dokie... I am starting to sound like Cesar Milan. I should end here.
Sorry for the graphic picture.

Last but not least in case you don't know, Nino and I will be back in New York next week! We get into NY on Wednesday 11/21! We look forward to seeing you all.

PS- Debbie, Bauer loved the Browns blanket so much that we let him use it the first few days of his recovery. See picture below.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rome, Italy

We finally made a trip to Rome last weekend. My mom was in town and we couldn't think of a better city in the world to take her. Many people are surprised to learn that this was also the first time that Raffy and I have been to Rome (she was there for half a day many years ago to get her passport renewed, but didn't see the sites)

If you recall my last blog post about Prague, I said that the best part of Prague was the city itself. The traditional tourist attractions weren't that great. Let's just say that Rome was exactly the opposite. We spent most of our vacation running around from one tourist attraction to the next. There was just so many to see and none of them disappointed.

In fact, it's taken me quite some time to write this blog post. Not because I'm lazy or have too much work to do, it's just that I can't think of anything new to say about Rome. The city must be seen for itself by every one.

Raffy and I like to think of ourselves as seasoned travelers who spend more time enjoying that small details of a city rather than following the Fodor's guide book page-by-page. Well, that certainly wasn't the case in Rome.

We started the trip off by getting a private tour of the Vatican. Our friend Colin got a tour last year and had amazing things to say about it. We took the bait. The private tour was very expensive but, you know the saying, when in Rome... (actually, I just pulled a Ron Burgandy there. That's not what the saying "When in Rome" refers to at all. But what the hell, we figured we would be at the Vatican once in our lives so it was worth a few extra bucks. )

All three of us were born and raised catholic so we were excited to see the Vatican. My mom converted to Islam a couple of years ago so I was worried they wouldn't let her in the gate. Fortunately for us, you don't need to be a card carrying catholic to get in.

I'm not really good at describing things that can't be put into words, so I'm not going to try. Let's just say that the Vatican was worth every penny I paid for the guide and then some. Every one needs to see the museum and the Sistine Chapel once in their life. It is just that simple.

The next day, we woke up for a tour of the Roman Colosseum. We stayed their for about 2 hours and you could just feel the energy that was once in that building. Once again, words don't do justice when describing the Colosseum. You have to experience it. I was so awe inspired by being in that building that I popped Gladiator in the DVD player last night just to see some of the scenes again.

Now, the funny thing about Rome is that their are about a dozen different sites that would be considered main tourist attractions in any other city, but are barely mentioned when talking about Rome. We hit them all. Rather than keep talking about things, let's just move to the pictures.

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P.S. - My mom didn't really convert to Islam. I actually don't know what religion she is now, but it definitely isn't catholic.