Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Ten Pictures in Europe

This post belongs to R. During our two years in Prague, R really took an interest in photography. She got a digital SLR camera, took a couple of photography classes, learned how to use Photoshop, got a better digital SLR camera when her first one was dropped in Aegean Sea, etc.

Fortunately for her, Europe provides a pretty amazing background for taking pictures. Here are her ten favorite pics from the past two years...

Two random people in front of the Charles Bridge in Prague. I am typically quite shy of snapping pics of strangers but this was a perfect moment!

A guy in Istanbul with a scale & tissues. Apparently you could pay him a few cents for the privilege of using his scale. Not really sure what the tissues were for....maybe to cry after reading your weight?

Famous Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) in Florence, Italy. I loved the reflections and shades of yellow when taking this shot.

An atrium in The Vatican. We paid for a private tour and so were able to enter 30min. before regular opening. This explains why there is not a single soul there yet. The sun was starting to shine within the atrium and it was just beautiful!

A random door in Sicily, Italy.
I waited for the whole family to enter the apartment so that I could take this picture. I loved the bright blue door and the contrasting blue bucket colors.

Bikes in Sicily, Italy
I just loved the dimension of the walls and back window yet with the front wall bikes.

Costumes on display in Venice during Carnival. This may be viewed as out of
focus but I just love it!

Costumes on display in Venice during Carnival. Rule of 1/3's and the background just seemed perfect to me.

View of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. This is probably the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life! The colors were amazing especially with the water contrast. Plus, I loved how behind the city is another small inlet/beach.

A small little street on one of the Greek Islands. This sums up Greek architecture!

Check back tomorrow to read the top ten things I am most looking forward to about returning to New York.


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