Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm a Big Fat Liar

I'm a big fat liar. During my last days in Prague, I promised that I would keep on blogging from New York. Well, that clearly hasn't happened. I've only posted two entries from New York. There are several reasons behind this.

First, I have no free time on my hand. Even though I work from home, I am busier than I ever was in Prague. I have many more friends here and I am out of the apartment at least 4 nights a week. Also, R is working now and I have to pitch in with household chores. I even washed laundry this week. Laundry! Can you believe it!

Also, my entertainment options are more plentiful in New York. I have 1000 channels of crap on my TV at all times. Just this past weekend, I got sucked into a True Life marathon on MTV. That's something that never happened in Prague. R also got me hooked on American Idol again - wasting a good 2 hours of my life each week. I swore off that show many, many moons ago but Adam Lambert sucked me back in.

The other reason why I am not blogging is that I'm just not inspired. Most of my blogs in Prague were about traveling to exotic cities and the crazy things that Europeans do. I don't have the same inspiration in the States. Just as an example, R and I have been to Las Vegas and Miami within the last month, but I've felt no reason to blog about it. Everyone has been to Las Vegas and Miami. I have absolutely nothing to say.

So, with that, this officially marks my last post on I will keep the site up to serve as a reminder of the great times we had in Prague... but I will no longer be posting to it.

I want to thank everyone who has followed this blog for the past 2+ years. I can probably call you all out by name right here, but I won't do that.

If you are a bit sad and really miss my comical musings on the minutia of everyday life, I am trying to post on Twitter a couple of times per day. You can follow me at:


P.S. For everyone who is wondering how Bauer is doing, he is fine. He is no longer depressed and he is a normal, happy puppy. But he is still absolutely petrified of Casey, the big dog down the hall.